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photos by Phil Robbins – https://www.facebook.com/phil.robbins.39

I was born in 1961.  It was one of the best vintages for Port.  I like to think it was a pretty good vintage for people, too.

Why am I runningin3time?  Because ‘3 time’ is a musical time; because I have three children; because running, along with singing, is one of the main things I do.  Credit to my friends Liz Ryder-Weldon and Jane Collier for coming up with the title for me.

A bit about me:

Life has got better and better as I have got older and I feel happier now than I ever remember feeling in my 20s and 30s.  Having a child when I was aged 49 was a particular confidence-boost.  Clearly though no life is without its sadnesses, and at the end of 2015 I got very low, but with help from friends have clambered back up.

  • I had my children in my 40s: my 9-month old baby was at my 50th birthday party. There is a growing number of women having children in their 40s, and I believe I highlight the fact that just because you’re an older mother doesn’t mean you have to appear ‘geriatric’ (the medical term for mothers over 35);
  • I have kept fit and hope one day to get back into doing triathlon races regularly. I ran my first marathon at age 51, and raised, with a friend, over £1000 for Macmillan Cancer care: in 2016 I aim to raise nearly that amount again in aid of Medecins sans Frontieres when I run Kielder 10km – please see my JustGiving page.  I see no reason not to carry on training and racing as I get older and I have a dream that when I am 70 I will race in a triathlon alongside my three children, who will then be in their 20s;
  • I juggle a part-time job with freelance work, voluntary work, singing, training, childcare, housework and seeing friends and family. My life is full, and fulfilling;
  • In August 2014 my husband left me, just days before our tenth wedding anniversary. We are relatively amicable and share the childcare: he still lives nearby.  Starting a new blog in a new year (2015) seemed even more appropriate than it might have done in other new years;
  • 2015 was also the year I fell in love with a man more than I have ever fallen in love with anyone before.  As I write this he is no longer in my life and I miss him dreadfully.  However having that fantastic experience and trying to recover from it has taught me a huge amount about myself and about other people.  I hope one day he will come back into my life, but in the meantime my blog is also about coming to terms with that enormous loss whilst also trying to keep all the balls in the air (children, divorce, home, work, singing, writing, running, friendships…) and about self-realisation.

So…. my blog is a general ramble about life with three children while trying to write, run and sing, and how I see age as no reason to stop doing anything.  My website then contains details and examples of some of my freelance work – just in case you want to commission me.

Come in and look around!


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